Overseas Research

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing in People Affected by Thalidomide

Following the Cologne research report last year,  further analysis was carried out on data gathered from clinical interviews and self-reporting questionnaires  from 193 Thalidomide affected individuals from the North Rhine-Westphalia area of Germany regarding their mental and emotional wellbeing .

The report has been published in German and translated into English, a full copy of the report can be found here

Cologne Research Report

The following report was published on 9 April 2016. It reports the findings of a detailed study (utilising structured questionnaires, physical examinations and one-to-one interviews) of the current health and psychological situation of Thalidomide survivors in North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany.

It has been translated into English by the Thalidomide Trust and you can see the English version of the report here.

Other International Research

The Dysnet website contains a wealth of published and unpublished documents including research reports. Dysnet Website