Beneficiaries Books

Some of our beneficiaries have written books regarding their lives.

Here for a Purpose by Marc Alexander
The inspiring story of artist Tom Yendell

ISBN-10: 095653841X

Look, No Hands! The Inspiring story of Brian Gault by Helena Rodgers and Brian Gault

ISBN-10: 034074636X

No Hand To Hold & No Legs to Dance on: Laughing and Loving – A Thalidomide Survivor’s Story by Louise Medus

ISBN-10: 1906373574

Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes by Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds

ISBN-10: 1438942990

Turned a Tear into Triumph by Dave Sampson and Gary Skyner
The story of one man’s courage and determination to overcome the world’s most horrific medical drug scandal, Thalidomide.

ASIN: B000VJ3C96

Kim – A True Story by Kim Morton with Beatrice Atcheson
The powerful account of one woman’s disability and her quest for justice

ISBN-10: 1898787603

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t: How One Thalidomide Survivor Turned Adversity into Triumph by Leigh Gath
The triumphant story of a thalidomide survivor

ISBN-10: 1480162000

You Can’t, You won’t by Gary Skyner
Gary Skyner’s autobiography, You Can’t, You Won’t: A Life of Unarmed Combat, provides an honest, detailed account of his life as a Thalidomide child.

ISBN-10: 1785898639

Other Related Books

Beaten but Unbowed by Karen Braysher
“A courageous, highly readable and encouraging book that will give lots of hope to the many survivors of complex abuse.” Written by Karen, the sibling of a Thalidomider who was conceived as a “replacement child”.

ISBN-10: 1545176779