Primary Care Professionals

Improving the quality of life of those affected by thalidomide damage

The Thalidomide Trust provides a wide range of expert information and advice to GPs and Nurse Practitioners who treat people affected by thalidomide damage.

We thank our many beneficiaries who have contributed as the real experts by sharing their experiences.

Resources and Information

The key health issues faced by people with thalidomide damage and how to approach them

Medical Matters Blog

Health blog written by professionals on daily health and wellbeing issues

Physiotherapy Professionals

Information and advice for physiotherapists treating people affected by thalidomide

Professionals Directory

Find a medical specialist who has had experience of treating our beneficiaries


Sharing Information For Additional Support


Research commissioned by the Trust and additional papers on aspects of the effects of thalidomide

Beneficiary Events

Learn more about the issues faced by our beneficiaries in their daily lives

Beneficiary Stories

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To help others our beneficiaries share their experiences of overcoming issues relating to thalidomide damage


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The team at the Thalidomide Trust are happy to provide further information and advice wherever possible.

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Do you have a story to share?

If you have experience or working with a person with thalidomide damage, and both you and your patient are happy to share it, please get in touch with us.

Many professionals and beneficiaries find it incredibly helpful to read the stories of others in the same situation.